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$30 For Your First Month!

ATG is offering your first month for only $30! Use code 30FOR30 at sign up and you can get on the gold standard of online training easier than ever! With personal form coaching and all programs included for a low monthly cost, there has never been a better time to work toward your goals than now!

No Gym Needed!

All programs can be done from home or in the gym! ATG programs are made to be workable in any situation.

Knee Ability For Life. This is our approach to pain-free living and athletics so that your body does not hold you back from achieving your goals.

Vertical Blueprint.  This is our jump program. It addresses many areas of the body that can affect vertical jump.

Range of Strength.  This is how to get more flexible and stronger. Range of motion can really hold back gains.

Superhuman Programs.  This is a program that promotes strength and longevity.

Train according to the truth!

Athletic Truth Group is the first online gym of its kind. It offers a low monthly membership with a wide variety of programs from which to choose. This is the gold standard of online personal training.

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Athletic Truth Group members find success everyday


“Compared to any course I’ve done I value ATG most highly for performance coaching. ATG is a revolution. After 20 years training and studying strength it is exciting to know there are much better methods available than what is commonly being used in gyms and with the athletes around the world.” – Keegan Smith


Strength Coach

“ZERO KNEE PAIN! Why? Programming from ATG. No, I don’t get paid to say this stuff. Been following for 4 months and it’s been a game-changer.” – Dr. Shante Cofield





“Current models of strength and conditioning are missing several key factors and theories behind translatable athletic performance. ATG has a proven model that helps athletes get stronger while bulletproofing their bodies, increasing flexibility, and making them faster. ATG is unlike anything else out there.” – Adam Bighill


Pro Athlete


Ben Patrick

Ben Patrick

Ben has had one of the most profound athletic transformations ever going from chronic knee pain and a 19 inch vert to a 42 inch vert and growing. 

Derek Williams

Derek Williams

Derek is a former college and pro basketball player that brings his knowledge of health and longevity to the ATG team…Derek is in his 40s and performing at unprecedented levels for his age.

Jeffrey Wolf

Jeffrey Wolf

Jeff brings his knowledge of both strength training and flexibility to help create stronger healthier athletes at every level.

Connor Barth

Connor Barth

Connor is a professional dunker and one of the highest jumpers in the world. He personally coaches jump technique to help in your jump transformations.


Full Access

All current and future programs added to the site will be available to you at no extra cost!

Great Price

You get everything here and more for only $49.50 / month and this will never change!

Coaches Access

Access to the Whatsapp of all our main trainers for any important questions you may have.

Exercise Database

Full access to our full database of exercise tutorials so you can learn and practice anytime.

Access To Our App

Access to our user friendly app powered by True Coach that lets us organize your current program in a simple easy accessible way.

Easy To Use

The app makes it easy to see the program your on right now so that you do not have to go to the site and search for it every day.

Personal Form Coaching

Whenever you work out you send us your form videos and we will let you know if your doing things right or wrong and help you maintain the best possible quality workouts.

Video Guides

Each workout has video guides attached to make it quick and easy to jump straight into your workouts with all sets and reps laid out for you to see.