Question: “Which program should I sign up for?”

Answer: First off, as a member you get full access to ALL of our programs. Each one is written out with the WHY in the membership area of the site. Secondly, you not only communicate with us through the app, but also have each trainer’s personal WhatsApp number for messaging to assist you along the way, and this includes helping you decide which program to start with!

Question: “What if I need to cancel my membership?”

Answer: There is NO pressure how long you stay on with us, and my amazing mother personally runs the finances. Her e-mail is should you need to reach her for anything. We aim to exchange in abundance and will NEVER give you a hard time if you accidentally go over your renewal day and can’t afford it, etc.

Question: “When is a good time to sign up?”

Answer: As a team, we work for you morning to night, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, including holidays, so there’s never a bad time to sign up! You automatically get your login to the site, as well as a welcome e-mail from me, and then we get to work making your app account, so depending on where you are in the world, we have your personal app account done and e-mailed to you within just a few hours on average.

Question: “What EXACTLY comes with membership?”


  1. Immediate and full access to all of our unique programs.
  2. Coaching of YOUR FORM via video clips through user-friendly app.
  3. PERSONAL messaging with each of our coaches, 7 days a week. For example, I empty my entire inbox every day of the week, and I answer most questions by selfie-filming my answer/discussion regarding your question, so you never have to wonder WHO is answering any unique question you may have.
  4. NEW content every week with a Friday update sent via e-mail.